In-Person Recommendations for Worship

Update Concerning Our Return to In-Person Worship Service

Our plan is to return to in-person worship on June 21st.  Sheboygan County has moved into Phase 2. Of the Safe Restart Program. The carpets have been cleaned throughout the building. A professional company came in, disinfected and sanitized our building.

o As we begin our in-person worship– There will be reusable cloth face masks available, as you enter the building.  We are not requiring that masks be worn but providing them, if you choose to wear one.  This mask will be yours to take with you and wear on your return. One of the CDC guidelines is to wear a mask in public.

We will socially distance ourselves throughout the sanctuary following recommended guidelines. There are other changes you will notice. We will not take offering in the same manner. We have placed the offering plate just inside the sanctuary entrance where you may deposit your offering as you enter or leave the sanctuary. We will continue to record the service and place it on the church website ( for those who may not be comfortable returning at this time.

General recommendations for worship:

Smaller churches (under 25) might consider holding in person worship but make sure their space is large enough to allow for social distancing.  Have a contingency plan for overflows beyond the approved number of people.

o Singing is among the riskier behaviors when it comes to spreading droplets/aerosols which can carry the virus a significant distance and remain suspended in the air. A cloth mask is unlikely to be enough to protect you or your neighbor. We recommend not singing in the sanctuary when the congregation is gathered.  Hymnals & Biblies cannot be sanitized.  They have been removed from the sanctuary.

o Use no-touch alternatives for shaking hands, collecting offering, and communion.

o Distancing: Have people spaced out in sanctuary area with one family unit per pew; keep empty pews between families. Some pews will be taped off and are not to be used.

There will be no fellowship/coffee hour following the service. We encourage everyone to leave the building after the service, rather than mingling.

The county guidelines can be viewed at: the Sheboygan County Safe Restart webpage. 

Falls Community Church Council