Prayers for the Week

Mondayhelp us to see people in need. May our eyes be directed by your heart for others. May we be people who welcome and show your love to everyone.   Acts 3:1-10
Tuesday:   We’re sorry for sinning against you and ­others. Thank you for the beauty of your earth and for your gift of salvation. Please bless us and help us to live for your glory and for the well-being of those around us.   Psalm 118:1-7
Wednesday:  Under the shadow of your wings, Lord, give me the wisdom and strength to persevere in my walk with you   James 1:1-812-15
Thursday:   With gratitude in our hearts we thank you, living God, for your breath of life. Make us ever grateful.   Genesis 2:4-7
Friday:   we long to grow into a loving community in Christ, useful and compassionate to people in need. Guide us, we pray.  Ephesians 4:25-32