Prayers for the Week

Monday:   Thank you for the surprise of your love for us, which makes all of life worthwhile.   Matthew 13:44-46
Tuesday:  You call us to unfold the incredible potential of our world. Help us to build well today as we look toward eternity, to your honor and glory.  Revelation 21:15-27
Wednesday:  Help us to see how you call us to reign with you. May our eyes and our heart be opened to this high calling of being a ruler for you in this world. Deuteronomy 17:14-20
Thursday:  Thank you for showing mercy to us all. Draw us to yourself and give us new life.   Acts 9:1-19
Friday:   Help us find you and walk the journey of life with you. Help us to listen to you and follow you. Thanks for being here with us.   Luke 2:41-52