Prayers for the Week of 2-25-2024

MondayJesus, we like to know what we’re getting into. So we want to know what your kingdom is all about. But it’s all about you, isn’t it? Let that be enough for us. MARK 4:26-34
Tuesday:  Lord, thank you for your faithfulness this year and for your presence with us on the journey. Thank you for the gift of looking back—and for what lies ahead. DEUTERONOMY 34:1-12
Wednesday:  Lord, you emptied yourself for us all. Fill us with your Spirit to live in humble service of others for your sake.   PHILIPPIANS 2:1-11
Thursday:  Lord, lead us to restoration and security as you care for us each day. Provide us a place where we can find peace in you.   1 KINGS 17:2-6
Friday Lord, bring together all the traits that make us who we are, even those that can seem contradictory. Make us whole by the power of your Holy Spirit. MATTHEW 10:16-20