Prayers for the Week of 8-27-2023

MondayLord Jesus, by your obedient life and death, you have shown us how to walk humbly with God. Help us to follow in your steps, serving you and others.   MICAH 6:6-8
Tuesday:  Holy Spirit, teach us when to be strong and bold and when to be humble and gentle so that your kingdom and people may be built up.    ZECHARIAH 9:9-11
Wednesday:  Father, to save us, your Son humbled himself and submitted to death on a cross. He emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, to lay down his life for us, even though we were your enemies. In him we exalt you!    PHILIPPIANS 2:5-11
Thursday:   King Jesus, help us to realize who you are, and to be humble before you. Thank you for your love and care.   MARK 5:21-24
Friday Dear Jesus, empower us so that we can empower others. Help us to never abuse or neglect the power you have provided.   JOHN 13:1-17