Prayers for the Week of 8-14-2022

MondayThank you, Lord, for the unusual kindness You have shown to us. Help us to reflect Your love and to welcome the people around us, so that others may know the joy of Your salvation. ACTS 28:1-10
Tuesday:   Thank you, Lord, for putting people in our life who prays for us. You bless and strengthen us by their prayers. Help us to pray for others too.  PHILIPPIANS 1:3-11
Wednesday:  Our spirits are weary from the warfare of this world. We long for Your gentleness. Transform our rough and harsh hearts, and give us a gentle and quiet spirit.
PROVERBS 15:1-14
Thursday:   Every good and perfect gift comes from You (James 1:17). Help us to be content and thankful. Forgive us when we grumble, and help us to be content in You. NUMBERS 11:1-9
FridayOur lives are filled with waiting. Sometimes we anticipate with joy; some­times we dread waking to another day. May our hope always be in You, our King who has come and is coming again.   ISAIAH 40:25-31; REVELATION 6:9-11